Remote maintenance client

We use the TeamViewer presentation client for remote maintenance. You just need an internet connection.

Remote maintenance

With this you give us access to your computer. You can determine which applications the supporter may see and if you grant us read-only access or complete access.


  1. Download the Remote Maintenance Client here
    - as executable *.EXE file
    - as zipped *.ZIP file.
  2. When you have downloaded the ZIP file, unpack it first and then start the Support.EXE.
    The *.EXE file is ready to execute.
  3. Confirm the two messages that software is being installed with OK.
  4. The Remote Maintenance Client is started:
    CRM Software AG-VIP: Remote Maintenance
  5. Please give your session ID to the Grutzeck-Software employee now. For example 647 787 007
  6. On request, please state the password. In this example it is 5020. This password is generated again for every new session.
  7. Now you can see the screen of the Grutzeck-Software employee, respectively the employee sees your screen.