Richtig Geld sparen bei der CRM-Einführung

eBook CRM Einführung

Do you know that? You are looking for new ways of distribution, but do not really know what are the options? You flirt with a CRM software?
Then you should quickly get the free download link for this CRM Guide. From the practice of many CRM projects shows Mark Grutzeck:

  • why you should first think about the CRM strategy thought
  • why a sales process is the basis for the definition of sales goals and measuring success are 
  • whether your current software solution is suitable for the implementation of CRM
  • how the data in a CRM system into part how to structure the appropriate CRM software available for your companyompany
  • the possibilities of introducing a CRM software, there is 
  • and how to get users on board. 

The booklet will be sold exclusively as an eBook as a PDF document. Content is only in German avaliable. The disclosure is expressly permitted and desired. Please enter your contact details. The download link is sent to you immediately.