Outbound software AG-VIP + option Workflow

AG-VIP is, together with the optional Workflow, the ideal program for active telephone marketing (outbound). In the following, I would like to describe the outbound process with AG-VIP:

"Thanks to AG-VIP, we were able to increase the performance of our people in the starting phase by more than 100%. The transparency of the reporting has helped to find weak points of the employees, to help them with these points and to evaluate performance objectively."
Mr. Geißel, Management BtoB

Database layout
Define a Workflow
The user interface: You have the choice
This is how you get the addresses into AG-VIP: Import
Select addresses for the project
How the agents work
How the data gets to the client
Add-ons for AG-VIP: Voice recording, predictive dialer, sales management ...

Database layout

AG-VIP is based on Microsoft SQL server technology. For smaller call centers, the free express edition is sufficient. With AG-VIP , you can define an arbitrary number of fields or realize 1:n relations (example: a customer orders x products). You do not have to be an SQL programmer because with AG-VIP SQL you have a user-friendly surface with which also beginners can use quickly and successfully.

Define a workflow

After you have defined the data structure, determine the task order for the campaign via graphic campaign designer. In each outbound project, there are, for example, dialing attempts or invalid telephone numbers. In the Workflow you can define what shall happen whenever these occur. You can refer to tried and tested example processes here.

Struktur Outboundkampagne

The Workflow is also the basis for the campaign controlling.

The user interface: You have the choice

You can define the surface individually for each employee. You can choose whether you will work with simple tabs or with an interactive branched conversation guideline. Both techniques are flexible: Graphics, color, font size and input fields - you are completely free to choose your own design here.

Callcenter: Outbound Software AG-VIP - interactive script

This is how you get the addresses into callcenter software AG-VIP: Import

Ag-VIP SQL allows the import of various ASCII- or Dbase formats via import assistant. You can allocate fields of the source file to fields in the target table. Fields of the source file can be linked during the import and characters can be complemented. Import filters can be saved for later usage. This makes it possible to take over data which the client always sends in the same format, with just one click.

Select addresses for the project

For the evaluation you can select any field as selection criterion for the address selection for a campaign. The statistics function integrated in AG-VIP SQL helps you to find the right target group visually.

AG-VIP is attentive and thoughtful - it reminds you not to use the same address again in a campaign.

How the agents work

You assign agents to the individual levels of a campaign. Every agent knows exactly what her/his task is. Via the project traffic light, the agent can control the processing of the next activity:

Outbound Software AG-VIP Projektampel

Along with this, the working time, separately for each activity, is logged. The user surface, previously defined for this, is being displayed. The agents makes his entries. The conversation guideline branches according to the entries and the successive questions.

At the end of a call, AG-VIP SQL can classify the call (if previously defined by the project leader) or the agent does it. With this, the ticket goes to the next processing level. A tool can be triggered automatically by this, for example the creation of a document in Word, sending the information by e-mail or text, transferring the data to another data base etc. .

How the data gets to the client

You export the data as ASCII-, DBase-, Excel- or Access file for the client. This data transfer can also be mapped as processing level in the Workflow. This means that the project leader is relieved from administrative task to a huge extent and he can focus on his personnel management tasks.