Kampagnen effektiv planen, steuern & durchführen

eBook: "Kampagnen effektiv planen, steuern & durchführen"

Once actions are now as little of the success crowned such as mass actions in which the watering can, a large number of Recipients are addressed. Intelligent campaign planning and long-term communication strategies across different Communication channels are needed for you to succeed.

If you have had similar experiences, you should immediately link to the free download eBook "Kampagnen effektiv planen, steuern und durchführen" request. The author shows Markus Grutzeck

  • why multi-step processes are more successful
  • how to plan your ideal campaign
  • how the campaign to put into practice and perform
  • basis of which performance measures and metrics, you can evaluate and guide the campaign 
  • where to obtain further information.

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