CRM Software AG-VIP - The professional tool for contact management


AG-VIP offers companies a powerful tool for the management of address-related information and communication. The freely definable data structure and surface design offers you the possibility to map your information requirement flexibly without any programming knowledge.

CRM Software AG-VIP

CRM Software AG-VIP helps to guarantee transparency:

The presentation of information can be designed according to your requirements and the tasks of your agents. Data can be imported and exported easily. All necessary functions for the address management, e.g. duplicate check, search, evaluations, automatic zip code detection etc. are integrated.

AG-VIP is communicative:

Based on the TAPI interface, the caller is identified automatically. So you have all necessary information available for an efficient conversation. You can also choose directly from a record and create a callback (telephone follow-up). Mark an e-mail address and start your e-mail program directly with this address.

AG-VIP writes your letters and more:

Via tools, standard letters and faxes can be created with just one click. For this, MS Office or OpenOffice are integrated. A contact entry is automatically made in the history. If required, the newly created document can be linked directly to the contact entry.
For mass mailing, the serial letter function in connection with MS Office offers everything you might need.

AG-VIP SQL keeps everything in order:

The integrated follow-up management helps you to always keep your cool. AG-VIP SQL reminds you in time to send out an offer or prepare a presentation. So you are free to think of really important things.

AG-VIP SQL communicates with MS Outlook:

You can enter dates or tasks directly into MS Outlook via tools. Doing this, you can directly take over contact data from AG-VIP SQL. So you can display all dates and tasks for a certain address in MS Outlook with a tool. The other way round, you can use MS Outlook to display the address belonging to any date or task that has been entered via AG-VIP SQL.
Outgoing e-mails can be, just like other documents,  linked to the history. Simple, pre-defined standard mails can be realized with MS Outlook via mail templates.

AG-VIP SQL is integrative:

The integration into the existing IT environment is an important requirement. This is why AG-VIP SQL offers numerous programming interfaces based on VB Script. So you can crate macros yourself or execute them triggered by certain events.

AG-VIP SQL automates work steps and controls campaigns:

With the optional graphic Workflow engine for AG-VIP SQL, complex procedures (Workflows) can be separated into individual working steps. A ticket is passed on through the individual steps. The user processes the ticket in a step. After closing the ticket, the user can classify the ticket or a macro makes an automatic classification. By this, the ticket is given over to the next processing step with all required information. This makes processes much simpler and quicker. The quality is better, because every process is performed in the same way.
This makes AG-VIP SQL suitable for Telephone marketing in a  call center, the automation of sales processes or multi-level marketing campaigns.

Required controlling information about the processing duration, the results etc. are automatically recorded so you can build up a complete sales management and -controlling.

Carmen Zöller, Sales Manager  ITG Logistik

"The systems saves time and gives us more freedom for contacts with our customers. We would decide for the CRM software AG-VIP SQL anytime again."

Dr. Ruth Geiger, Managing Director Horiba Jobin Yvon GmbH

"The expectations of the HORIBA Jobin Yvon GmbH regarding the CRM tool AG-VIP SQL have been fully met. Best marks for the stringent product development by Grutzeck-Software GmbH and the cooperative support regarding all questions, problems and suggestions."