Erfolgreiches Callcenter 2010

eBook "Erfolgreiches Callcenter 2010"

In October each year by the congress event "Erfolgreiches Callcenter" instead. It shows speakers in workshops and lectures from different areas of expertise best-practice solutions for call centers. Some speakers have provided their knowledge in the form of technical articles. It aims to:

  • employee involvement in human resources planning
  • the worlds in the call center
  • Impact of the Digital Revolution
  • Real-Time analyis
  • the acoustic brand management
  • personality-oriented communication
  • optimal customer relationships through process design
  • efficient quality management
  • King discipline customer dialogue
  • Sell
  • Opportunities and limitations of the use dialers
  • and much more

The booklet will be sold exclusively as an eBook as a PDF document. Content is only in German avaliable. The disclosure is expressly permitted and desired. Please enter your contact details. The download link is sent to you immediately.