Erfolgreich mit Telefonmarketing

eBook "Erfolgreich mit Telefonmarketing"

Do you know that? You are looking for new ways of distribution, but do not really know what are the options? Have you already thought about direct or telephone marketing?

The phone as a direct way to reach the customer unbeatable advantages. The phone is cheaper than a personal visit by a sales representative. In contrast to the mailing, fax or e-mail but the phone offers a direct response opportunity. On objections and queries can be responded directly.

To help you get telemarketing as a medium of dialogue-driven sales approach closer, it gives you for free eBook "Success with Telemarketing - How to make telephone marketing professional and effective". The booklet will be sold exclusively as an eBook as a PDF document. The disclosure is expressly permitted and desired.

There you will find information:

  • how to use telephone marketing
  • When should you perform telemarketing themselves or collaborate with a service provider
  • how to set up your own telemarketing department
  • how to achieve more sales over the phone
  • and what legal constraints, it should be noted.

Content is only in German avaliable.