Here you can find manuals for all products as pdf files. Most of these files can be read or printed directly in a browser or in Acrobat Reader. The short manuals describe the most important functions without all details.

Please note that some of the files are rather large. We can also send you our free information CD with the complete manuals in pdf format. You can also schedule a date for an online presentation.

AG-VIP SQL - CRM- and Call Center-Software

Complete manual for administrators
PDF file, 14.1 MB, last updated 17 Aug. 2011

Complete manual for users
PDF file, 6.2 MB, last updated 12 Oct. 2011

Manual for macro development an autmation
PDF file, 1 MB, last updated 3. Nov. 2010

German manuals

Quick start for users (40 pages)
PDF file, 1.8 MB, last updated 28th June 2014

Seminar documents AG-VIP SQL + Workflow for Outbound
PDF file, 4.6 MB, last updated 4th June 2014

Manual option "Date Scheduling" for AG-VIP SQL
PDF file, 1.7 MB, last updated 3rd Dec. 2009

Manual option "AG-Overdial-Server / Elsbeth integration"
PDF file, 1.7 MB, last updated 15 th Sept. 2008