CRM Software: AG-VIP

The CRM software AG-VIP supports the complete CRM process. It starts with the contact management for new and existing business partners and continues with the areas sales, marketing and service. By mapping processes (proactive sales), the procedures are accelerated, transparency is created and the basis for an efficient sales management and control is created.


"The expectations of the HORIBA Jobin Yvon GmbH regarding the CRM tool AG-VIP have been fully met.
Best marks for the stringent product development by Grutzeck-Software GmbH and the
cooperative support regarding all questions, problems and suggestions."

(HORIBA Jobin Yvon GmbH
Dr. Ruth Geiger
Managing Director)

Contact data

The basis for each successful contact management is the contact data. The CRM software AG-VIP SQL excels with flexible import options so existing data inventory can be implemented directly. Employees have access to up-to-date contact data due to the network capability of the software. Data islands disappear and data maintenance is reduced considerably. Organization models of enterprises can be mapped via graphic address hierarchy.

Contact history

The contact history brings more transparency: You see at the first glance who had contact to your business partner, when and via which communication channel, including linked documents, letters, e-mails, drawings etc. This means that all of your employees are absolutely informed at every time and ready to deliver any information they or the customers might need.

CRM Software AG-VIP - contact history

The contact history also enables an integrated resubmission management (follow-ups) including an option to delegate tasks to other employees. The field staff may ask the office for information about the customer Meyer...

Customer profile

Customer profiles are the basis for market segmentation and help to identify potential for cross- or upselling. The CRM software AG-VIP SQL gives you complete freedom: Without any programming know-how, you can adapt the data structure flexibly and without limits (including 1:n relations) to your requirements.

CRM Software AG-VIP SQL - freie Zielgruppenselektion

Integration communication channels

CRM software should merge information from different sources and communication channels. With the direct MS Office integration you can create letters, faxes, e-mails etc. with one click or action-controlled. Incoming e-mails can be allocated directly to customer records or processes with the MS Outlook/Exchange integration.

Mapping of processes - proactive distribution

The optional Workflow Engine provides mapping of individual processes. These can be marketing campaigns for a fair invitation, a complete distribution process (closed loop approach) or service processes with escalation steps. All processes and branches are entirely freely definable.

Abbildung eines Vertriebsprozess

Working in processes reduces the costs by automation of the process handling.

  • Reduce the costs by task automation
  • increases the quality of processing by standardization of the processes.
  • makes scalability possible and improves predictability, e.g. success rates for the change of offers.
  • makes it possible to define sales targets based on individual processing levels, so employees can be instructed precisely
  • makes deficiencies of individual employees visible which can be the basis for individual training and coaching.
  • accelerates processing considerably by automated information forwarding, because information is not a “debt to be collected" but it is available in every situation.

CRM Strategy / -Organisation

You do not only get a piece of CRM software – we accompany you during the implementation. This starts with a kick-off workshop (as agreed with the customer) in which the targets of the CRM software implementation are agreed and a project team is put together. Then existing data sources are analyzed, the most important processes are documented and a pilot system is created. The users are trained specifically and after some weeks of practical work a fine tuning respectively a concluding discussion takes place.

This means that you are able to adjust the CRM software AG-VIP SQL to your own requirement any time. The complete control is in your hands.

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