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Seminar providers have to take care for a high number of interested persons and participants of past seminars. If different seminar themes are offered, the interests and skills of the potential participants are particularly important. The more exact a target group for a seminar can be selected, the better any scattering losses can be prevented when choosing the target group.

Via CRM software AG-VIP SQL, participants, speakers, exhibitors and media partners for events can be acquired and managed. The project management of an event by using CRM software AG-VIP SQL gives you an overview of the current acquiring state of the participants.
Apart from that, the CRM software AG-VIP SQL can help you perform follow-ups such as sending out registration confirmations, invoices, monitoring the payments and the participation in the events, up to a satisfaction survey after the event.


The CRM software AG-VIP SQL maps freely definable distribution processes. With this, the acquiring of the participants and the follow up processes can be monitored and realized:

Vertriebsprozesse definieren mit AG-VIP SQL

Before an action is started, the potential for possible participants is determined with the selection options in AG-VIP SQL. For that you can use any data field as selection criterion in any combination, for example "x kilometers" to the event location.

The persons on the resulting list can be addressed with a mailing (for example): 1.) Mailing Ideally, the recipients use the response element and request more information about the event. From AG-VIP SQL you can create a cover letter in MS Word / OpenOffice for the information mailing or an already personalized e-mail with attachments.

Persons that do not respond within x days will be addressed with a 2.) follow-up call. With this activity, you can create different leads separated into a) registrations b) people who requested more information, c) people who are interested to participate in one of the next events and d) no interest

The people that are interested in an event and requested more information and a registration form will be reminded after x days by a call automatically. 5.) Information follow-up call This is to make sure that no interested person gets lost as a potential participant. The registration form can be send again.

Participants who sent back the registration form are automatically registered in AG-VIP SQL and receive a registration confirmation along with the invoice. You can crate Word or Excel templates for this which are personalized with the CRM software AG-VIP SQL and, if required, linked. 6.) Invoicing

After the event, the participants receive a feedback form B) Reminder customer satisfaction This gives you the opportunity to inform about similar events in the future and do some cross- or upselling.

Apart from that, you can also set up a support process for speakers, exhibitors or media partners.

The CRM software AG-VIP SQL can be adapted to these processes as required. The data structure and the user surface can be adapted to the user requirements as desired. With just one click, personalized e-mails or documents can be created and linked directly to the contact history of the customer. You can control via access rights which users are assigned to which tasks and to which data or functions of the CRM software AG-VIP SQL they have access.

Due to the Microsoft SQL Server technology the CRM software AG-VIP SQL can manage several million customer records. Via CTI interface TAPI with integrated dialer functionality even high numbers of customers can be handled efficiently.


AG-VIP SQL brings transparency to your event management which you need to manage seminars and events efficiently and to acquire the required participants. If they are linked cleverly, you can initiate a permanent customer care process and create a constant request for thematically similar events this way.

  • Speed up your work

The work of a project manager during the acquisition of exhibitors or participants is, to a large extent, defined by ever returning tasks. By the standardization of processes and the integration of MS Office, e.g. for the dispatch of personalized registration documents or sponsor agreements with a link to the respective person in the CRM software, a lot of time can be saved and requests can be answered much more quickly. No contacts will disappear in the nirvana of the database - a process can be processed throughout until the end.

  • Transparency

As each process is documented, the current processing level stays transparent for your colleagues. Double work is prevented. Customers cannot play agents off against each other.

  • More efficiency - less "Scattering losses"

Transparent, qualified data is the basis for each marketing activity. The more up-to-date and qualified the data is, the better you can create target groups, for example to market remainder places.
All participants of event A from last year, which have not yet booked event A for the current year, are selected and attracted with a special discount

  • Reporting


  • What event had how many participants?
  • How many new participants have booked the event?
  • Search for speakers according to their skills and evaluations

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