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Basics and aims
TAPI-based overdialer
Integration Predictive Dialer


Basics and aims


The option Workflow includes a TAPI-based Powerdialer. With this you can increase the number of dialing attempts compared to manual dialing by about 40%. The Powerdialer starts a dialing attempt for the agent. If you have a large amount of addresses or a target group with bad availability, it makes sense that an agent starts multiple dialing attempts at the same time. Huge address amounts can be contacted much more efficiently with this tool.

The efficiency advantages of the AG-Overdial server, compared to the dialing processes in the power dial mode, can be simulated previously and free of cost. With the Outbound-Simulator, you see at a glance how much work time you can save and how many more addresses you can contact.
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Usage area:

Active telephone marketing (outbound) for huge address amounts or bad availability. Practical in a B-to-C environment

Tapi-based overdialer

Minimum requirements:

  • AG-VIP incl. Option Workflow
  • 3rd-party-TAPI with function "Line Blind Transfer" - see TAPI test tool
  • ideally virtual TAPI lines with no connected device and via which the Overdialer can initiate external calls and, when connected, pass on calls to a free extension line.
  • Sufficient free exchange lines

Download the free TAPI test tool (550 KB) to test the deployment of the AG Overdial server in your infrastructure.


In contrast to the Powerdialer, the dialing is done via central CTI server. Depending on the set overdial factor, more free lines are being dialed than free agents are available. Background is the assumption that a part of these dial attempts will fail because of busy lines, non-availability or wrong numbers.
+ agents have less waiting time for connected calls
+ higher address throughput More dialing attempts
- Agents sees address record only if the call is already connected
- solely server-based solution
- requires more outgoing lines to make overdial technically possible
- dropped and burned calls, which means several dialing attempts are started for a free agent at the same time As soon as the first call is connected, it is given to a free agent by the overdial server. The other calling attempts are dropped. Should there be a second connected call and no agent is free, the server hangs up (burned call).
Suitable for: B-to-C bulk business

Dialer: Outbound Software AG-VIP - Overdialer

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Integration predictive dialer

Should you not fulfill the conditions for a TAPI-based overdialer and require a safe answering machine- and fax detection, a connection to the Elsbeth-Predictive Dialer of our cooperation partner it Campus is your first choice.
This high-performance dialer stands out due to its stability and performance. All usage variants are possible: Purchasing, leasing or on-demand-solution.
The campaign parameters for the predictive dialer are all realized within AG-VIP SQL. So the dialer fits seamlessly into the campaign management of the call center software AG-VIP SQL.

Minimum requirements::

  • AG-VIP incl. Option Workflow
  • AG-VIP Option Overdialer
  • Elsbeth Predictive Dialer by Enghouse