Challenge: Sales management

You are scheduling dates for the sales- and service staff. Dates should be scheduled with the nearest possible distance to the following date.

With the optional date scheduling for the call center software AG-VIP SQL, the calendar of the sales employee is opened, based on his skills. Skills can be any desired characteristic. Most of the times, these are sales areas within a certain range of zip codes. Sales representative are assigned to a certain zip code range and the calendar of a person with matching assigned zip code is opened during the date scheduling.

Contact Center Software: Scheduling Sales Representatives

In the red fields you can see dates which are already scheduled, including the distance to the current conversation partner. Fields in a red frame are excluded because the distance is too big and for yellow fields time might be too short, too. Ideal dates are framed in green, so the agent can suggest Wednesday 5 p.m. here directly.

Via Workflow, the conversation partner can directly receive a date confirmation via e-mail and the sales representative receives the customer data. If you have the access rights, you can enter the dates directly into MS Outlook / MS Exchange.
Date scheduling via telephone can really be that easy and efficient! Increase your turnover and make more dates for your sales representative.