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CRM and Contact-Center Software

Grutzeck-Software offers CRM software for small and medium-sized companies for marketing, sales and service.

CRM Software AG-VIP english
CRM Software AG-VIP

Central data storage creates transparency

Thanks to CRM software, all contact data and interactions are stored in one central point. When the customer calls, any employee can access this information immediately. This creates transparency and enhances the customer experience.
Targeted addressing increases customer value (customer lifetime value) and strengthens customer relationships.

CRM software reduces dependency on individual employees

Without CRM, information is quickly lost. Notes disappear as if by magic. If the employee is on vacation, ill or leaves, nobody in the company knows what has already happened with the contact or what has been specifically agreed.

CRM software ensures accuracy and efficiency

A CRM system is not a data collection pool, but provides valuable insights. Reminds you of actions that are due and ensures that no lead disappears into the nirvana of the database.

Accelerate business processes

If workflow-based business processes are mapped in the CRM software, contact-related processes can be processed much faster. Processes no longer stop at departmental boundaries. Cooperation between marketing, sales and service is simplified. Since everyone can access customer data, etc., transparency increases. Service and sales can see which marketing campaigns the customer is currently participating in. Sales sees open service requests and Service sees current sales opportunities. This helps the customer to be able to better assess the overall situation. Productivity increases. Processes become measurable and can thus be continuously optimized.

Faster onboarding of new employees

Processes mapped in the CRM solution create orientation for new employees. Process assignments serve as guidelines and provide security.

War of Talents

Younger employees in particular expect a modern CRM solution. Anyone who gets around here with Excel and a notepad does not arouse much enthusiasm among young people.
Central database provides the basis for fact-based decisions

Anyone who has only relied on their gut feeling up to now will get facts at hand with the CRM software. Internal analyzes make the necessary KPIs for sales management, such as the conversion rate at every stage in the sales process, a weighted forecast or the sales funnel, immediately measurable. In this way, decisions can be made on the basis of facts.

This leads to more objective employee assessments and helps to serve customer needs more accurately with new products or services.

Customer service will be improved

In the CRM software, interaction with customers is documented across all contact channels. In this way, a complaint that came in via social media and later led to an email request can be linked directly and processed as one process. In the past, two requests were processed in parallel in separate applications.

Central task management provides orientation

Thanks to prioritized, integrated reminders, employees will no longer forget any tasks. Everyone knows what to do. Uncompleted tasks are automatically carried over to the next day. Paperwork is a thing of the past. Managers quickly see what employees have to do. Tasks can be delegated to colleagues. This is what makes leadership and teamwork possible.

Away with the x Excel lists

Surely you have an Excel list for the Christmas cards. And another list for the last trade fair invitation, etc. In CRM software, this can be easily controlled using tags or distribution lists. This keeps personal data protected in the CRM. The requirements of the GDPR are met. And you always know who was invited to which event or received a Christmas card.

Intensify marketing activities

Marketing no longer only has email addresses, but can access all available data in the CRM software. This allows targeted events to be carried out, e.g. a webinar only for interested parties who are currently in the offer phase. At the webinar, customer x presents product y in use in his company. For anyone else interested, this event would be too early in the purchasing process…

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