No more data garbage!

Collection data is a thing of the past. With the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in force, collecting data must be avoided. The CRM software helps to: keep relevant information up to date, manage opt-ins, and to make employees aware of the value of data.

Increase your sales success continually

The CRM software leads users to success - with systematic, freely definable processes. The workflow is set up with the help of a graphic designer. The processes are controlled efficiently by reporting.

Data protection compliance in sales processes

GDPR requires companies to work in compliance with certain data protection regulations. Non-compliance can lead to up to 2 million Euro fines. Work in compliance with these regulations regarding personal data with the CRM software AG-VIP. Manage advertisement consents efficiently.

More than just CRM software …


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100 satisfied call centers

Call centers work with the CRM software AG-VIP since the Eighties, inbound and outbound. Market researches are made, demand situations are identified,  customer dates are organized or service requests are processed across all channels.

40 years of experience

In 1979, Klaus Grutzeck invented the first software for contact management in a team. Since then, companies in all industries profit from more that 1,500 CRM implementations of the Grutzeck team.

4 innovation awards

With this CRM software you use not only outstanding, but also awarded software: Multiple innovation awards from the “Initiative Mittelstand” (mid-tier initiative). Nominated by the “Deutsche Callcenter Verband” (German call center association) in 2014. Rated as “very good” regarding the customer satisfaction by, certified by Microsoft for the respective current Windows operation systems.


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