Inbound: callcenter software AG-VIP + option Workflow

Inbound means that calls and other events are taken/accepted. You are optimally prepared for inbound with the call center software AG-VIP SQL. No matter if you have an office service or a competition hotline:

Example: Office service
Example: Hotline
Pick up procedures
Swinging Agent
Information forwarding to the client

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Example: Office service

Along with an incoming call, you receive two different kinds of information: 1. The telephone number of the caller (caller ID) and the target number that was called (caller ID respectively redirecting ID). Even in the basic version of the CRM software AG-VIP SQL, the caller can be identified by his number, which is then being displayed.

The optional Workflow engine can instantly determine the assigned project or the campaign level with this number and display it for the user. So the user has the most important data about the caller displayed instantly and can greet him with the correct welcome text.

Callcenter: Inbound Software AG-VIP

The contact data of the caller and the reason of his call are being recorded and, depending on the agreed forwarding of information with the client, forwarded by e-mail, fax ....

Example: Hotline

If you have a competition hotline, each caller is stored as a new contact. Addresses and bank data can be validated while they are being entered.

Support requests on hotlines have to be processed within defined time intervals. The flexible Workflow is a big help here. Escalations can be defined freely. Unprocessed support requests are forwarded to the team leader or the second level support.

Eskalation Prozess

Via statistics function, the solution rate for each employee can be evaluated separately. With the integrated time log you can see how much time was needed for a process, how long the average processing duration is etc.

Using the interactive script userinterface, the use is guided step by step to help the customer:

HelpDesk: Callcenter software - interactive user interface


Pick up procedures

"Inbound" can be part of a multi-level campaign. Example: You are sending mails with a hotline number. Then you follow up the mailing four days later. If a recipient of the mail calls, he or she must not be contacted again in the scope of the follow-up actions.

The call center software AG-VIP SQL displays the customer record with the current activity (the follow-up call) instantly. This activity can be picked up, processed and classified for a follow-up activity on the inbound level.

Swinging agent

With AG-VIP SQL, employees do not have to be separated into inbound and outbound explicitly. An employee who is actively making a call in an outbound campaign can take inbound call in the post-processing time. The incoming call is signalized to him. He either sees the project or the relevant records being displayed. All he has to do is to double-click to process the inbound call and to "park" the outbound call which is on post-processing level. When the inbound call is processed, the user can bring the previously parked activity back into focus to process it.

Information forwarding

Especially in the inbound business, data must be collected daily or frequently and be forwarded to the client. This routine activity is very time-consuming for the responsible team leader. The call center software AG-VIP SQL maps the data export as one level or stage of the project. With just one click you can create e.g. an Excel file with the complete caller data and send this data to the client automatically by e-mail. AG-VIP SQL takes care that only data is being forwarded that the client has not received yet.

Alternatively, AG-VIP SQL offers direct forwarding via e-mail (MS Outlook integration or customer-defined SMTP mail client), text message, ...